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Starfish Circus

Starfish Circus
...helping kids develop skills for healthy, active and enthusiastic lives through circus & performing arts

Circus and performing arts hold unparalleled potential to excite, inspire and challenge students to discover their own endless possibilities.

Starfish Circus offers students the opportunity for active participation in a theatrical event that fits into their available time and their school's space and arts budget.

In just ten to fourteen days at your school, our coaches cast and rehearse up to 50 students, training them in aerial skills, partner acrobatics, clowning, juggling and showmanship as well as proper stretching and conditioning, with a focus on safety and achievement. Working in duos, trios and groups, the student performers prepare and present a 60-minute circus show for their family, friends and community. In the process, they learn to set and achieve personal goals, conquer their apprehensions and shine as part of a team.

The Starfish approach is full inclusion. All ages and abilities are cast and work together. Starting with simple yet impressive stunts, shy or apprehensive performers gain confidence and experiment with fearlessness. Older students learn leadership skills by working with younger children. The more adept help ready and refine other performers' routines, and the individualists discover that only the group can build a pyramid.

Ten days.
Three coaches.
Fifty performers.
Two shows.
...One starfish at a time.