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What it Costs

Above all, Starfish is committed to reaching the students and schools who need and want to be part of Starfish Circus. Our two pricing plans allow schools to choose up-front costs or delayed payment based on ticket sales.

Starfish Residency
Our average residency fee is $3500-5000, depending on number of coaches and number of days. More coaches means more student participation, and more days means greater skill achievement. A deposit of $1000 is needed to reserve your dates.

Most schools cover the cost through a combination of grants/budgeted money and ticket sales to the final shows. Some schools show a profit on ticket sales. Typically, four to six tickets are sold per student in the show.

For travel of more than two days' drive from Michigan, an additional travel fee may be charged.

Starfish for Free
Each year, we choose three schools with severe budget challenges or located in disadvantaged communities. For these schools, we ask only that our actual travel costs be guaranteed, and that the school work as our partner to publicize the show. Instead of an up-front payment, the Starfish Staff remit 10% of the ticket sales from the final performances to the host school, keeping the balance as our fee.

If you would like to be considered for this option, please contact us with a brief explanation of your school and community's budget situation and how you feel we can work together to bring Starfish Circus to you.

Starfish Circus is also committed to working with your local merchants to arrange sponsorships of the program in your school.

What it Costs
Sold out performance at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts